YCC has been dedicated to offering our customers a competitive advantage by consistently providing high-quality zippers at a competitive price. While offering flexibility and custom products at a mass-production price, we make quality control our primary focus.


To ensure the quality and consistency of our products, we are vertically integrated. We have maintained our own-in-house design engineers, molding department, weaving factory, dye house, and spraying house. Most importantly, by controlling each step of the manufacturing process with our certified technicians via in-house state-of-the-art lab equipment, we can ensure our products meet the highest global brand standards.


In addition to our world-class manufacturing, YCC has a team with highly sophisticated quality control capability, implementing a rigorous process control system carried out by our well-trained quality control staffs. Our quality control process flow covers every step of our manufacturing process, from raw material acquisition to procedural review and testing of semi-finished products, to random sample checking of packaged products prepared for shipping.