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Established in 1995 with headquarters in Shanghai, YCC is aggressively expanding worldwide, and now has been one of the largest and the fastest growing zipper manufacturers in the world.

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June 21, 2024  YCC made its shinning debut in America 2024 Outdoor Exhibition YCC demonstrated its outstanding brand strength again at 2024 Salt City Outdoor Design and Innovation Summer Exhibition from 17th June-19th June. YCC outdoor sports accessories, innovative functional zippers and a series of accessories, gained widespread attention and received positive feedback from clients both at home and abroad.   At the exhibition, YCC's outdoor sports series accessories took center stage, captivating attendees with our impeccable craftsmanship and attention to details. These exceptional products not only boast remarkable waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and safety features that provide comprehensive protection for outdoor sports equipment but also prioritize comfort level and aesthetics. They are lighter and more tailored than ordinary sports accessories, liberating athletes from suits constraints. Moreover, incorporating fashionable design elements adds the personalized touching to outdoor suits. Whether it be the lightweight waterproof zippers, reflective waterproof zipper or luminous waterproof zipper, each product showcases YCC's profound understanding of outdoor sports accessories with unparalleled insights.   In addition to the outdoor sports series, YCC impressed visitors with an array of innovative designed accessories such as zippers, sliders/buttons/fasteners/cord locks etc., further demonstrating its unwavering product strength. Numerous clients expressed their newfound admiration for the YCC brand after this close encounter at the event; they now possess a deeper recognition of YCC samples offerings and have developed a strong interest in various YCC products while eagerly anticipating future opportunities for collaboration. March 14, 2024  YCC represents the prestigious enterprise features in the finished INTER FABRIC On March 13, 2024 The three-day Moscow textile Fabric Exhibition in Russia dropped the curtain.As a global dominant zipper supplier YCC made its 2024 overseas exhibition debut with new arrivals and many single product pullers, pull loops, buttons, webbing and other products unveiled. This exhibition stands for an important event in the international garments accessories industry to attract global visiters.      YCC environmental protection products, anti-arch zipper, ultra-thin lace waterproof zipper and functional zipper etc., have been widely praised through this exhibition.   YCC also gained brand-new harvest in the international peers marketing-demands sharing. March 08, 2024  YCC 2024 Spring/Summer Fabrics Accessories Exhibition was successfully concluded. The acknowledged 2024 China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Spring/Summer) Expo on March 6-8 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center has descends its curtain. YCC exhibits whole-categories product zippers, buttons, puller, pull loops, sign labels, straps, webbing, etc., 2024 fashion trend products show the latest breakthrough of YCC. This exhibition YCC takes the ‘forest secret’ as the design theme, interprets YCC's adherence to environmental protection and nature, and the giant portrait painting on the exhibition site has become the super eye-catching punch point of this exhibition. In the future,YCC will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, professionalism and quality as basic principles, bring more superior products and services to the customers.